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A documentary film by Sophie & Clément Guerra
showcasing a truly inclusive movement led by the most impacted.
“As We Look At The Destructive Impacts Of Fossil Fuel Industries, We Can No Longer Remain Silent”
Clement Guerra, Film Co-Director


“It is not just a film. It is connecting movements, supporting women leaders and building amazing strategic partnerships.
It has tremendous International communications possibilities.”

Tzeoprah Berman, Program Director for


We are adjusting to the pandemic by “going virtual” with the film’s impact campaign. We are offering groups and communities the opportunity to organize online events: HD screenings, live Q&As, discussion forums and joint fundraisers.

Listen to the true leaders of the Climate Justice Movement! You can register to our upcoming events, watch the Q&As of our past events and take action to support those leading the charge for a brighter future.

Everybody must ally with Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples defend Earth’s biodiversity – but they’re in danger


Comprising less than 5% of the world’s population…


… Indigenous people protect 80% of global biodiversity.

No More Sacrificed Communities!

Our Collaborative Impact Campaign.

The Condor and the Eagle is a powerful way to present the inspiring work of land defenders and activists to large audiences across the world. The film asks how social change happens, and explores best practices on how to build effective social movements.

By joining our campaigning work, you are supporting empathetic and effective movement-building towards powerful change and calls to action.

About the movie

When so many of us feel isolated and helpless, The Condor & The Eagle brings us together in these times of crisis – reminds us of our deep interconnectedness with the Earth and one another. Never-before-seen images expose the global rise of land and water protectors across the Americas!


More than 50 world-renown festivals have screened “The Condor & The Eagle”!