Eaton Workshop’s ‘Another World is Possible’ festival is raising funds for the Ponca nation of Oklahoma’s Rights of Nature Stop KXL campaign by Movement Rights – a grassroots organization working for climate justice, the rights of Indigenous peoples and Mother Earth. All donations through ‘Another World is Possible’ will directly support Movement Rights’ work for Tribal Sovereignty and the Ponca nation of Oklahoma’s Rights of Nature Stop Keystone XL pipeline campaign. In 2017, Movement Rights helped stop fossil fuel projects by working with the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma to become the first tribe to recognize Rights of Nature. Since then four other tribes have recognized Rights of Nature and dozens more are looking to see if Rights of Nature can help them stop harmful fossil fuel projects, including KXL pipeline expansion.

The growing worldwide movement for Rights of Nature recognizes the rights of ecosystems to “exist, thrive and evolve its natural cycles”. In most places, the law says Nature is merely property to be owned and destroyed for human profit. But Nature is a system of life of which we are a part, and it is time our laws and culture reflect that before it’s too late. As Ponca Nation of Oklahoma Environmental Ambassador, elder, and Movement Rights’ board chair, Casey Camp Horinek says, “We are not humans trying to protect Nature, we are Nature protecting itself.” Join us in supporting this campaign to recognize Rights of Nature and stop fossil fuel projects on Indigenous Land! Sign the petition HERE!