The Condor & The Eagle and Partners Present The Global Impact Campaign



How can independent media work drive impact,
keeping underrepresented populations and Indigenous voices front and center?

During this time of health crisis disproportionately impacting already-vulnerable communities, The Condor and the Eagle impact campaign is building solidarity in the pandemic and in the increasingly critical uprising for Climate Justice. In the months ahead, our virtual workshops and discussion forums will explore how media highlighting Indigenous voices can create a shift from witnessing environmental destruction to practical actions for sustainable community-based initiatives.


We are offering the opportunity for groups / collectives / congregations to push the cause for Environmental Justice by using a visual tool – organizing online HD screenings, live Q&As, discussion forums and joint fundraisers. Our events are donation-based without registration fees – everybody can attend regardless of ability to pay.

  • Inclusive donation-based approach
  • 5000 people can attend the events at once!
  • Up to 6 Q&A participants with video thumbnails & live chat throughout
  • Full HD film & streaming of lower resolution film for people with a slower internet
  • Up to four hours events
  • Direct promotion of fundraising campaigns & calls to Action
  • Screenshot of platform here

Each online event is hosted by a different organization / community and is the occasion to raise funds for key environmental justice groups and impacted communities leading the charge against destructive fossil fuel projects. Groups and organizations are using our film and platform as an organizing tool and a way to elevate and amplify local grassroots initiatives and issues.


Our first impact series – 2 weeks, 10 online events – June 25th, July 7th – was a huge success. 6.000 people watched our film, 150.000 watched our panel discussions and we raised more than $25.000 for impacted communities. We therefore decided to keep organizing events on an even larger scale, hiring an impact agency, that will take our work to the next level (Picture Motion). Stay tuned as we are currently organizing more than 100 online events until December, mobilizing hundreds of communities and organizations, presenting to large audiences the inspiring work being done by land defenders across the Americas. Join us and support frontline communities!


September 2020 to September 2021

  • 150+ events
  • 300+ organizations involved
  • $40.000+ raised in support of grassroots organizations

IMPACT SERIES – Live Online Events
April 2020 to September 2021

  • 4 impact Series in collaboration with the Impact Agency “Picture Motion
  • North American Series in September, October and November
  • Latin America Series, one event every week or every two weeks until the end of the year
  • 40+ live online events
  • 80+ influential partner-organizations involved
  • Half a million people engaged with our discussion forums
  • $100.000+ raised for impacted communities

September 2020 to September 2023

  • Collaboration with educational distributor Good Docs
  • Creation of a school curriculum focused on intersectionality and environmental justice
  • 200+ screenings in primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, libraries and museums
  • 4.000+ students involved with our custom curriculum and documentary film