Thank you so much for your amazing support in building the movement that this film is catalyzing.

Our idea has always been to use the film as an organizing tool to support frontline communities in their fight to defend their land and water, as well as the international movement to roll back an unfolding climate catastrophe. Indeed, as written in EcoWatch (June 23, 2020), the film “exemplifies how independent media initiatives can be powerful tools for social and environmental justice organizing.”

Your donation is critical to the success of our impact campaign “No More Sacrificed Communities”, which is bringing us together while breaking new ground in the distribution world, working directly with impacted communities and the organizations fighting for climate justice around the world. Our campaigning work is exploring how media highlighting the voices from impacted communities can compel a shift from witnessing environmental destruction to practical actions for sustainable, community-based initiatives. We are organizing many online events, which are hosted by different organizations and offer the opportunity to raise funds for key environmental justice groups and impacted communities that are leading the charge against destructive fossil fuel projects.

Now the film impact team and the film protagonists invite you to join us in building the movement that is coalescing around this film. We launched our film very recently, July 1st and we are continuing to spread the word and we hope you will join us. Here’s what you can do.

1.) Please send to your network, friends and family the following message, or something like it in your own words, encouraging them to watch the film:

“I have just watched the new award-winning Documentary The Condor & The Eagle, which moved me to the core. Please, watch it. It is a very important film, which reminds us of our deep interconnectedness with the natural world, while providing tangible solutions to environmental destruction. If there is only one film you watch this week, rent The Condor & The Eagle. It is an emotional adventure film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The team behind the film is using the documentary as an organizing tool and a big part of the proceeds is supporting the frontline communities leading the charge for Environmental Justice. You can watch it HERE ”

HERE is a doc with images, texts and links for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, WhatsApp — the social media of your choice.

2.) We are continuing to organize impact events across the globe, and we’d love to have your support in this process. Would you be interested in hosting an event like the ones listed in our website, or do you know of a group that would? You can request to host an event HERE or respond to this email to send us your suggestions.

Once again, many thanks for your contribution. We are excited to see what we can achieve together.

With solidarity and respect,

The Film Impact Team
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