Protagonists & Credits



Hereditary Drumkeeper of the Womens’ Scalp Dance Society of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma is a longtime activist, environmentalist, actress, and published author. Because of Casey’s work the Ponca Nation is the first Tribe in the State of Oklahoma to adopt the Rights of Nature Statute, and to pass a moratorium on Fracking on Tribal Lands. Casey was also instrumental in the drafting, and adoption of the first ever International Indigenous Women’s Treaty protecting the Rights of Nature. Casey often collaborates with I.E.N, Movement Rights and W.E.C.A.N.


MELINA LABOUCAN-MASSIMO - photography: Ayşe Gürsöz

Melina is Lubicon Cree from Northern Alberta. She has worked on social, environmental and climate justice issues for the past 15 years. Currently a Fellow at the David Suzuki Foundation, Melina’s research is focused on Climate Change, Indigenous Knowledge and Renewable Energy. Melina holds a Masters degree in Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria with a focus on Renewable Energy in First Nation communities. As a part of her Masters thesis Melina completed a 20.8 kW solar installation in her home community of Little Buffalo in the heart of the tar sands which powers the health centre. Melina is often collaborating with NDN, Indigenous Climate Action, Seeding Sovereignty and the Indigenous Clean Energy Network.
Photography: Ayşe Gürsöz



Bryan Parras is a co-founder of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.) and the Sierra Club of Texas Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign. He is a longtime environmental justice advocate based on Houston, TX. He co-founded the Librotraficante movement, serves as an Advisor to the Gulf Coast Fund, and sits on the board of the Environmental Support Center. Bryan was recently awarded a Gulf Coast Fellowship and has been working to help organizations use media for education, organizing and advocacy.



Yudith is a queer Mexican-American artist, interpreter, and organizer, enjoying spending time in the bayous of Louisiana working on projects like CRY YOU ONE, Amor y Solidaridad, a solidarity house in support of undocumented Transwomen, and recently BanchaLenguas, a Language Justice interpreters collective. Currently, she is part of the core leadership circle for Another Gulf Is Possible and a youth organizer with Los Jardines Institute. For over 5 years, Yudith has been fighting for the rights of her fenceline community in Manchester, Houston in collaboration with T.E.J.A.Sand last year was named one of 50 Fixers of 2018.



Patricia is Kichwa from SARAYAKU, Ecuador, and has helped lead Sarayaku’s struggle to protect the Living Forest in their ancestral Amazon territory from industrial extraction, including winning an historic case against the Ecuadorian government before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. She is recognized nationally and internationally for defending the rights of indigenous peoples against oil companies and for amplifying the call to keep fossil fuels in the ground in the Amazon and across the globe.



Bill is an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming. He is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College[2] and leader of the climate campaign group He has authored a dozen books about the environment, including his first, The End of Nature (1989), about climate change.



Back in 2014 Clément Guerra, French, a 32-year-old international marketing manager working in London and his German wife Sophie, studying pharmacy, could have settled down to a comfortable middle class life. But instead they took their savings, flew across the ocean and arrived in New York. Fast forward to 2020, their film follows Indigenous American women, from the Ecuadorian Amazon to the Tar Sands protests in Alberta, Canada, via the Texas oil fields, in their fight to preserve the livelihoods and culture of Indigenous communities and to protect the earth from climate change.


Pat Harris DiLeva

Five years ago Pat made a decision that changed her life. Utilizing her experience of more than 20 years in sports and entertainment event management, she offered to oversee outreach for a friend’s documentary film. In doing so, she discovered the rewarding satisfaction of assisting dedicated filmmakers with spreading their social justice messages to audiences around the world.



Impact Producer
Liana Lopez

Liana Lopez is a multi-platform journalist with experience writing, reporting and editing photography, audio and video in multiple digital formats. She has co-created and successfully implemented the Librotraficante Caravan campaign, which drew national attention earning New York Times and Houston Chronicle editorials. Liana is a Social Media Consultant and also produces and co-hosts Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say on 90.1 FM and (Pacifica Radio) in Houston, the fourth largest city in the country. As a freelance writer, reporter and photographer, her work has been published in the Houston Press and Phoenix New Times (Village Voice Media), (Houston Chronicle), Aztec Muse Magazine, Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News and countless online publications



Online Events Producer
Picture motion

Picture Motion is the leading social impact agency developing award-winning advocacy and marketing campaigns for films, television, and entertainment. Their collaborative approach unites storytellers with their network of activists, nonprofits, and foundations, to build social movements around must-see content. It’s their mission to leverage storytelling to inspire empathy, convene people, and ignite brave conversations and action


Impact Agency

Film US impact partner as well as one of the film co-Producers, Janet is an environmental attorney and social change activist with expertise in water and health. She founded Seeding Sovereignty, birthed at Standing Rock to amplify the role of Indigenous knowledge and to de-expert and diversify the environmental movement. Janet is a former whistle blower and has worked in legal and leadership positions at EPA and national and international NGOs.



Directed By
Sophie Guerra
Clement Guerra

Produced by
EchoDoc Studio
Janet MacGillivray

Casey Camp-Horinek
Melina Laboucan-Massimo
Yudith Nieto

Edited by
Emma Morris

Editing Advisors
Douglas Blush
Mark Weiss
Andre Singer

Director Of Photography
Clement Guerra

Production Sound Mixer / Boom Operator
Sophie Guerra

Original Score by
Charles Newman 
Recorded at Cottage Sounds, Brooklyn, NY

Re-Recording Mixer
Kevin Wilson

David Gauff

Lucy Animation Studio 


An EchoDoc Studio Production

Executive Producers

Lush Cosmetics
Alexandra Johnes
Jacqueline Garcia
Giancarlo Canavesio
Katy Bettner
Nion McEvoy
Nancy Stephens
Aly Tharp
Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth
Jenifer Westphal
Kit Mallet
Tonya Mallet
Rikki Gagne

Associate Producers

Allison Hanes
Jamie Wolf
Christina Conklin
Clint Carleton
Dominic Boyer
Christopher Fleck
Scarlet October


Creative Director
Silvia Prietov 

Art Directors
Omar Andrés Penagos
Silvia Prietov 

Designer and Illustrator
Omar Andrés Penagos 

Storyboard Artist
William Cifuentes

William Cifuentes
Diego Doncel
Daniel Cuervo
Silvia Prietov

Clean up artists
Daniela Rueda  
Hanna Isua Barrantes

ALETA Post-production

Visual Communication, Web Design & Logo
Benjamin Mis

Additional Music
Charlie Rauh
Kalilah Rampanen
Kris Gruen
Pura Fe
Jennifer Kreisberg
Layla Locklear
Charly Lowry
Indigenous drummers from Edmonton
Chad Hollister
Indigenous drummers Tar Sands
Paul Casanova

Film Score
“Warrior Stomp”
Written, Produced and Performed by JayBump
Courtesy of Coates Music  

“Casey Be Runnin’”
Written and Performed by Motopony
Produced by Rob Cass at Abbey Road Studios   

“A New Day in History”
Written by Kris Gruen, Chad Hollister, Charles Newman, David Sisko, Sandflower Dyson
Produced by David Sisko, Charles Newman
Courtesy of Mother West


In order of appearance

Bryan Parras
Juan Parras
The children of the community of Manchester
Liana Lopez
Yudith Nieto
Alfredo Torres
Josephine Mandamin
Melina Laboucan Massimo
Patricia Gualinga
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Michael Horse
Pennie Opal Plant
Casey Camp-Horinek
Gloria Ushigua Santi
Pura Fe
Jennifer Kreisberg
Layla Locklear
Charly Lowry
Kiera Dawn
Crystal Lameman
Bill McKibeen
Kandi White
Michael Horinek
Suzaatah Horinek
Jewell Horinek
Casey Alexandra Horinek
Osprey Orielle Lake
Clayton Thomas-Muller
Matheanna Williams
Mekasi Camp-Horinek
Kalilah Rampanen
Ta’ha (Amy George)
Roberto Gallegos
Jose Marinez
Annise D. Parker
Marta Crinejo
Jerry Davis
Anna Russel
Dwight A. Boykins
Tara Escudero
Jewell James
Robert Holler
Rueben George
Eugene Kung
Ta’Kaiya Blaney
Billy Joe Laboucan
Maria Meequon
Charity Laboucan
Linda Massimo
Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl
Xavier Herrera
Marisela Orozco
Monica Villarreal
Julia Chuje Ruiz
Pedro Gualinga
Corina Gualinga
Sabino Gualinga
Mario Lopez Chuje
Esperanza Martinez
Joel Espinosa Barrera
Jorge Tacuri Aragon
Carlos Vives
Fernando Chuje Ruiz
Huberto Piaguaje
Donald Montecayo
Pablo Fajardo
Dallas Goldtooth
Reverend Yearwood
Neil Young
Blanca Chancosa
Cherri Foytlin
Emily Arasim
Tom Goldtooth
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
Amy Goodman
Naomi Klein
Cormac Cullinan
José Gualinga


Lush Cosmetics
The Fledgling Fund
Texas Environmental Services (T.E.J.A.S)
Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)
Amazon Watch
Idle No More SF Bay
Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN)
Acción Ecológica
Union of the people affected by Texaco (ADAPT)
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN)
Rainforest Action Network
Movement Rights
Indigenous Climate Action
Sierra Club
Federación de las Comunidades Nativas del Tigre (FECONAT)
Climate Justice Alliance (CJA)
Indigenous Rising Media
The Chaikuni Institute
Botanical Park Los Yapas
David Suzuki Foundation
Catherine Donnelly Foundation
Raven Trust
Tides Foundation
Utah Film Center


Abram Himelstein
Ada McMahon
Adam Zuckerman
Adrien Benoliel

Agnieszka Piechocka
Alain Thibault
Alan Formanek
Alberto Acosta
Alessandro Zekka
Alex Montero
Alexander Horvath
Alfredo Torres
Alice Dimitriu
Alison Ehara-Brown
Alyssa Tharp
Amandine Le Sergent
Amandine Roche
Amy Hutto
Andrea Nieblas
Andrej Farkasovsky

Andrew Bradford
Andrew Cobb
Andrew Dunn
Andrew Miller
Angela Mc Bride
Angela Mellor
Angie Torres

Anna Lee
Anna Mildner
Anna Parras
Anna Gerrard
Anne Blaney

Annick Pilote Letizi
Aquiles Muñoz
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Avenida Productions
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Crystal Zevon
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Elizabeth Brossa

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Eva Hernandez
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Gabriela Aguilar

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Julie Guerra

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Julien Gelly

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Kelly Carson

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Kimberly Lorraine Todd
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Laëtitia M’belo-Abitbol

Lali YCox
Lara Cushing
Larisa Manescu
Laura Cusack
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Leila Salazar-Lopez
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Linda Harpe-Turner
Linda Massimo
Linda Sheehan
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Lynn Adamson
Lyssie Burden
Maiwenn Pardoe
Manari Kaji Ushigua Santi

Margaret Petcoff
Maria Cruz Nieto
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Maribel Guevara
Marilaine Savard
Marilyn Bardet
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Mark Decena
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Mathieu Guerra
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